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Children's TV

Children`s television programs have been a part of Australian television culture since it began in the 1950s. Parents who grew up in this era may recall their favourite characters and programs -some of which have stood the test of time to entertain and educate whole new generations of children.

ATT Mawson`s Hut

Four stamps feature the baltic pine huts built at Cape Denison by Sir Douglas Mawson`s team during 1911-14 expedition to the Australasian Antarctic. The huts served as the base camp for this expedition, but were falling into disrepair after eighty-five years of exposure to the harsh conditions.

Perth Mint Centenary

This year marks the centenary of Australia`s oldest operating mint, the Perth Mint. To commemorate the occasion, Australia Post will release a single stamp featuring both sides of an 1899 gold sovereign. The coin faces on the Perth Mint Centenary stamps are gold embossed - adding the reflective quality of real gold to the sovereigns