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Canada April Release

Sikh Canadians
Commemorating the history in Canada of a rich and unique culture, the Sikh Canadians stamp was issued on April 19, 1999. Its principal motif, the Khanda, is a religious symbol revered as highly by Sikhs as the crucifix is by Christians. Vancouver stamp designer Stacey Zabolotney collaborated with Sikh community members in British Columbia and Ontario to ensure the most important and representative symbols were incorporated.

International Year of Older Persons
As one of the original member-states of the United Nations, Canada has long observed UN events through commemorative stamps. This 46 stamp, issued on April 12 and designed by Paul Hodgson, commemorates the UN 1999 "International Year of Older Persons," and shows an older couple enjoying their progress down the "Road of Life." The trees symbolize the concept of passing time, as young spring trees give way to fall foliage

On April 1 1999, one-fifth of Canada was incorporated into the Territory of Nunavut, marking the largest aboriginal land claim agreement in Canadian history. This 46 commemorative stamp, designed by Bonne Zabolotney and illustrated by Susan Point, both of Vancouver, was issued the same day. The smiling children represent Nunavut's strong Inuit presence, and the spring-time setting suggests a new beginning.