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We put a stamp on a letter, we mail it, and two or three days later it arrives.  We do it all the time and never give it a second thought. It's all so simple.

       -Stephen R. Datz


It all seems so simple unless you are a collector of stamps.  To the collector it is more than just a hobby.   It  becomes a passion that engulfs and consumes you.  They enjoy turning the pages of their albums and exploring history as it unfolds before their eyes.   Stamp enthusiasts can recite an amazing amount of trivia about world geography and history just by observing a stamp in their collection.   The subjects within philately are boundless.  Many enthusiasts prefer to specialize in a distinctive area that delivers excitement to them.   A distinct part of philately is sharing the knowledge that each collector acquires openly among other collectors in a variety of forums.

Stamp enthusiasts have established the eBay Stamp Club so that all may share their distinct knowledge with others.  Join us so that we may learn from you.